Maxima Comepass Blogger Festival 2018

About two weeks ago, my friends and I attended the Maxima Comepass Blogger Festival. It’s a festival sponsored by the lifestyle magazine Maxima and their Blogger Community Comepass. They offered a day Programm with several workshops and talks all about blogging. One of the highlights of the festival was the award show in the evening. Where the best bloggers in several categories won an award.


As we arrived at the venue, which was at the Ottakringer Brewery in Vienna, we checked out all the stalls. There was a big variety of exhibitors presenting their businesses or products. The venue was lovely and decorated with this year’s theme: “Colours of Life”


We registered for the Insta-Walk, which was a tour through the brewery. We could take pictures and learn more about the history of the venue. During the Insta-Walk, I’ve made new friends and got to network with others.


After the Insta-Walk, I’ve attended a few workshops and listened to some talks. I’ve learned a few new things about blogging. Also I got to see how other bloggers run their blogs and businesses. I wasn’t sure how the presenters were going hold their presentations. The workshops were in the same room where the talks and Q&As which was very loud. The event-organizer had the idea to use headphones. It received the signals from the presenter who spoke into a microphone. We were then able to listen to the presentation without any problems.


The whole Programm was divided into two parts. The day Programm and the night Programme. After the day Programme was over, we all went home to get changed for the night Programme. They introduced the night Programm with finger food for and drinks for all the guests. Then they announced all the nominees for the awards show. Afterwards, they invited a Singer to hold a concert for us. Then they threw an after-show party to close the blogger festival.


All in all, it was an awesome experience and I got to network with other bloggers and meet new friends. I would attend this event anytime again in the future!

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