Fashion Entrée 2017


Last week, I was lucky and won two VIP tickets to the Fashion Entrée and I invited a good friend to accompany me. This event showcases brands, mostly Austrian brands, and presents their current collection. While watching the fashion shows, you dine in rooms full of paintings from famous artists that are currently being exhibited in the gallery. For more information about this event click here!

My friend and I were so excited to go to the Fashion Entrée. We talked about our outfits and what we’d like to see and also what we expected it to be. We arrived there early and were nervous but also very excited about it. They welcomed us with drinks and snacks and offered us to take pictures of us at the venue. We even received a 007 fragrance for women as a welcome gift. Later we are asked to proceed to the dining rooms to start with the fashion shows and dinner.

We shared a table with others that were regular attending guests of the Fashion Entrée. For appetizers we had some bread with ham and salmon followed by coconut soup with chicken and shrimps and for the main a vegetarian dish, gnocchi with tomato sauce. Overall it was delicious but I wasn’t keen on the soup because it was too spicy.

In between the courses there was a catwalk show. The first two brands that were showcased were glüxxkind & Polygon Concept Store. Polygon was my favourite brand among the brands presented, their style appealed more to me.

The next brand to present their collection was Time4Africa. Their label combines traditional Austrian costumes with the colourful patterns auf the African culture.The catwalk presentation ended with a dance performance by talented Roman Christyakov. His performance was very impressive, when dancing from one room to another. After the main course the next collection was from Dali Oleschko.

After they served dessert, the last shows by JooSee Vienna, CALEO Cashmere with Adeline Germain started. They presented less outfits in these collections but they were very impressive and creative.


All in all it was an entertaining and interesting experience and I’m thankful that I had the privilege to attend this event. Although it was a good evening, I don’t think I would like to go again as it didn’t meet my expectations based on the hype around it. They presented themselves as a high fashion event with a friendly community, yet It felt very much like a closed event and the so-called welcoming community made us feel like intruders sensing that we were not of the same social class as them. As a guest attending this event for the first time, I expected it to be a bit more welcoming and open than how the regulars treated us. It felt like we have been allowed to dip into their world, just to show how wealthy, exclusive and how cold a closed community can be.


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