How to spend money wisely

Everyone knows that feeling when you go into a store, see a pretty jacket that caught your eye. Then you check the price tag and realize it’s far too expensive. Then you tell to yourself: “Why not try it on? Wouldn’t hurt, would it?” You try it on and have a look at yourself in the mirror and then you fall in love with it. Now what? You’re thinking: “Should I really spend this much money on this item?”
We’ve all been in this situation. Sometimes we regret the decision we make when buying clothes or accessories. So what could help make our decision easier?


Back in high school, I didn’t mind buying cheaper clothes and dealing with lower quality. However, years later I started working in a high fashion department store I learned that there is a big difference when buying clothes from high end brands. It’s a good idea to invest in higher quality clothing which usually comes with a higher price tag but also with a little more personality. After quitting my job, I realised I’ve developed a new shopping behaviour. Buying more pricier clothes mostly from high end brands have become more important to me. As a student without a job, I noticed that I couldn’t keep up with this high end lifestyle so I had to adjust my spending habit. This hasn’t changed my opinion on high quality clothing, but now I couldn’t afford it. I had to think of new ways to save money to afford the items I was after. So what did I do? Here are some tips that I’ve gained in the last few years:

Do you really want this?
A simple question that can leave you pondering for days, but if you really think about it, this question is very important when buying clothes. Do you really want this? Think about what you like about it. Is it because it has something unique to it? Or maybe because it looks good on you? Personally I’d say: “If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.” I’ve regretted some purchases because I thought I liked it but then just caught dust in my closet. I learned that I must love the things I buy. So always ask yourself if you love it or not.

Do you really need this?
Now let’s say you’ve found a cute cardigan with lovely buttons and adorable embroidery. You remember you’ve got three more cardigans at home that look very similar. What now? Ask yourself if you actually need it. Is it identical to the other cardigans you have at home? Does it give you more possibilities to create different outfits? To be honest, I’ve got several bomber jackets and people tell me whenever I find a new one that I already have too many already. I don’t deny this but all bomber jackets I own vary in their fit and style and allow me to create many styles and outfits. My tip, if you can create at least three outfits with the item in question then get it!

Price = amount you wear/use it
For example, you found a bag that costs 500€. Ask yourself: “Am I going to use this bag at least 500 times after buying it?” The money you spend should be worth it, so using that bag frequently is money well spent. It would be so unfortunate buying an expensive bag but only use it 2-3 times and then leave it your closet to rot there. This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. So think about how often you’d use it, even if it’s a bag for formal occasions consider the thought of maybe even using it for a casual outfit as a statement piece.

Do you have clothes that go to it?
I repeatedly bought clothes that I loved so much, but never asked myself if I had stuff at home that would create a great outfit with it. I can confess that I have at least 10-15 pieces of clothing items that go with nothing in my wardrobe. I had to sell them or give them away.


Of course there are so many other ways to save and spend less money. You could either sell some clothes you don’t need or use anymore or just have a monthly cap for shopping. Either way, I hope this was helpful to you and that it’ll be easier for you to decide while shopping!

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