The spine-chilling movie list

I love watching horror movies, even though I’m scared of a lot of things. The spine-chilling feeling you get when the protagonist walks all alone through daunting places or the horrific moment when a character gets caught by the murderer are some of the exciting moments in horror movies to me. However, I also love it when a good movie works without the jump scares or gory scenes but gives you chills by its fantastic story. Since Halloween is coming up, I thought I’d make a list of some horror movies I liked and recommend for a good scare at a horror movie night.


The Conjuring
Paranormal investigators and demonologists are confronted with a supernatural presence that dwells in a secluded farmhouse of a family that recently moved in. They discover that the house has a gruesome history and that the supernatural presence is more than what they thought.

Annabelle is a spin-off from the move The Conjuring, which tells the story about the doll Annabelle, one of the cases the Warrens have solved.

A true-crime writer moves into a victim’s house with his family in hopes of being inspired to write another best seller book, but what he didn’t know is that the house has more secrets than just the horrendous death of the victim’s family.

The Awakening
In England, after World War I, a writer and ghost hunter, is being called to investigate reported haunting at a boys boarding school.


It Follows
A teenager is being followed by death after sleeping with her boyfriend. She finds out that sexual intercourse passes on a fatal curse from victim to victim. It follows her as either a friend or a stranger. No matter where she goes, it’s always there following her.

Lights Out
A young woman left her fears behind of the dark. She never knew if something was lurking in the shadows as soon as she turned off the lights. Now her younger brother is experiencing similar occurrences that are being triggered by a supernatural entity.

The Babadook
A mother finds a somewhat interesting children’s book for her son, she doesn’t realize that a monster entered their home through the pages of this book.

Two sisters disappear after the death of their parents. Five years later, they’re found alive in an abandoned cabin. Their uncle and his girlfriend adopt them, not knowing that someone else came along with them.

Found Footage

The Visit
It’s been years since a mother heard of her parents. Her children wish to meet them and so the mother sends them off for a week at their grandparents house. The children experience weird behavior from their grandparents and question their mother of what could be wrong with them.


The Collector
A thief breaks into the house of a wealthy man he’s working for, to steal a sumptuous diamond that could pay his debts to a loan shark. Assuming that nobody was in the house, it was easy for him to grab the diamond and leave without any evidence of his theft. He then finds out that he’s not the only one broke into the house.


Train to Busan
A businessman accompanies his daughter in the train to visit her mother in Busan. At the same night, a virus breaks out and rapidly spreads. The only way to escape this pandemic break out, he has to protect his daughter and safely get to Busan.


A young science nerd and outsider at school, loses his dog and only best friend through an accident. Inspired by the class of his teacher, he successfully resurrects his dog back to life. All is well until his schoolmates find out about how brought his dog back to life.

The Nightmare before Christmas
As the king of Halloween gets bored with his tedious everyday life, he seeks for something new to spice it up.

Corpse Bride
A young man gets nervous before his wedding and practices his vows in the woods. He accidentally managed to marry a corpse from which he now tries to escape.

I intentionally wrote the plots to each movie, because I didn’t want to influence your decision in choosing one and I hope that maybe one of these movies will turn your movie night into a spooky experience!

All images are from the International Movie Database.


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