The spikes on my body


I love to accentuate my outfits with jewellery or accessories. Lately, it’s been all about studs.

This outfit is pretty simple but with the studded choker and creepers, it gives it the added personality which creates my style. Even though the studs are very present, they don’t outshine the lettering on the hoodie instead they add to the whole dark feel that comes with gothic style fonts.

My shoes were one of my biggest investments I made in clothing. The price was way out of my budget! At first, I wasn’t so sure if the shoes were really worth the price. I waited a day to give it a second thought and consulted people on the shoes and if they thought the price was too high. After weighing up all pieces of advice, I’ve finally decided to buy the shoes. But since then, I’ve been so happy and glad that I invested in these creepers. The shoes are very sturdy and have a high quality. I’ve been wearing them ever since and they still feel like new.

Buying something just because it’s a famous brand is not actually worth the money. Sometimes you can find similar items a bit cheaper with the same quality. Let’s say, if you like to have a pair of ripped jeans, you wouldn’t necessarily want to buy a pair that is worth 200€ if you could get a similar pair for 80€. If you’re trying out a new style, you’d want to go for cheaper items before you invest in bigger brands. There are more things (price, saving money, cheaper items, etc.) to consider when buying clothes or shoes. So, if you really want to buy something that costs a lot, think about it for a longer period of time and be sure if you genuinely want it and if it’s without a doubt worth the money.

Need some tips on how to spend money wisely? Check out my how-to post here!



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