Fashion Camp Vienna 2017

I heard about the Fashion Camp a year ago. I didn’t have my blog prepared yet so I decided to go there on another occasion but since it was their 10th anniversary this year I’ve decided to be part of it.
I went there alone and I felt nervous and insecure. Being a shy person and knowing I had no one to hold on to, made me expect a difficult time networking and meeting new people. Trying to overcome my fear of socialising, I gave it a shot and tried talking to some people there. It was hard but I managed to have a few conversations with some bloggers and also made new friends. Everyone was so friendly and sincere which put me at ease.
The seminars were very interesting and informative. I’ve learned a lot about blogging and what I have to take in consideration when operating my blog.

The opening keynote was held by the spokesperson of Pinterest Germany, Anna Sterntaler. She talked about how Pinterest can have a big influence on blogs and that it can generate a higher traffic compared to other social platforms. She shared tips on how to effectively use Pinterest as a way to improve one’s blog.

After a short break, the workshops started. I chose to attend Hristina Micevska’s (@fleurdemode) workshop called Street Style Photography. Here we learned how to take our own pictures with just a tripod and a remote. She talked about the basics of photography and what to keep in mind when taking pictures. Afterwards, we did a quick photoshoot where we tried to take pictures of ourselves with the knowledge we gained from the workshop. Since I’ve already known the basics of photography, her workshop helped me to overcome my insecurities of taking pictures on my own.

The DORDA Lawyers held a Q&A for us with the topic “The Rights of a Blogger”. They’ve answered questions regarding legal issues a blogger has to deal with and oh my goodness there are loads.


In the afternoon, four bloggers were invited to hold a short presentation about specific topics. You could choose to attend two topics.

Stellamina talking about Ethical Blogging

The first one I chose was Ethical Blogging presented by Amina Stella Steiner (@_stellamina_). Ethical Blogging is about how to work with other bloggers and what the main aspects are when it comes to blogging, teaching us how to be more persistent and dedicating to writing our posts.


Constantly K

The second presentation was held by Karin Teigl (@constantly_k) with the topic BeUnique: DREAM IT – WISH IT – DO IT.

Karin Teigl from Constantly K

She talked about her personal growth and experience while blogging and how she changed to the person she is now. She said it is important to be unique and to work hard on what we love and live for in blogging. One may go through hardship and might struggle with their passion, but in the end, our efforts will bear good fruit and will bestow us with the possibility to live and work for our passion.


Jessica Weiß from Journelles

The closing keynote was another Q&A about how to build your blog empire, hosted by Jessica Weiß(@journelles). As a so-called Blogger-Veteran, people asked her about the progress of blogging over the last ten years and how she thinks it will change in the future. Also, sharing insight on how blogs can change and transition to different topics or styles and that it should be comfortable for us to stick to our principles. Blogs can always change and sometimes it might take a while until a blogger becomes successful in what they do and write.

Q&A with Jessica Weiß


At the end, we celebrated the 10th Fashion Camp Conference. The networking turned out to be quite fun once I overcome y shyness, we chatted about the events of today and enjoyed some drinks and food with it. What’s there not to like?

Moët & Chandon Bathtub
Moët & Chandon Balloons
Celebrating the 10th Fashion Camp
Custom Pots by Elisabeth Wolf
Pinboard with business cards from bloggers

All in all, it was a good and inspiring experience, definitely count me in next year!


For more information about the bloggers and Fashion Camp click the links below.


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