I’ve been to London several times but never to Brighton. I went for a day trip with my sister and I enjoyed it so much. It felt different than London. The streets were more vibrant and the people seem more relaxed compared to the high pace in London.

We walked through the trendy streets called “the lanes” and stumbled upon a store called Snoopers Paradise. They’re one of the biggest antique stores, harbouring vintage and retro items and clothes. I picked up an old film cutter from Perocut which is used to cut 35mm films (as an aspiring film editor I couldn’t resist buying this). All the mini stalls and stores were so adorable but at the same time very modern.

We walked along the beach towards the pier, where we played some old school games at the famous arcades and ate some delicious churros as a quick (and greasy) snack before dinner. The view from the pier was so amazing and I felt so calm watching the waves gently sway back and forth.

All in all, I had a wonderful time in Brighton and for those who have never been, it’s really worth it!

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