London Edge 2017

The Seamstress of Bloomsburry
Goosebumps, Creepsville 66 & Vampira Stand
Hell Bunny Stand

I’ve heard about London Edge through influencers and bloggers. It’s a fashion trade show, where people promote their products and services exclusively for edgy, street and retro lifestyle. It sounded very interesting and so I decided to attend this years’ event. I had a lot of fun watching fashion shows, getting a preview of the upcoming collections, listening to talks and speaking to people from the industry. I would definitely go again (and next time definitely bring my business cards)!

My favourite brands I found at the show:

Tempest & Serenity Leather Accessories
They create handcrafted leather jewelry and accessories. I love how bold their products are but also at the same time very feminine.

The Alkonost
This one woman company creates jewelry that is unique und recognizable. Leaning on the Russian mythology of the Alkonost, her pieces form the skull of a bird. All her jewelry looks beautiful and delicate.

Little Ondine
Little Ondine is a toxin-free nail polish that not only is odour free but also peels off easily. There are many colors available and the nail polish also dries quickly!

Frilly Pops
Stephanie Dulieu is a freelance animator and owner of Frilly Pops. Her designs are so adorable! If you’re into kawaii clothing, you should definitely check out her stuff!

Jelly Jolly
This brand sells rain boots and bags that are so stylish that you’d like to wear them everyday!

For more information about London Edge and the other brands click here!


2 thoughts on “London Edge 2017

  1. Awww thank you so much for including me in your blog post! I remember meeting you there 🙂 If you’re interested I’ll be going to Hyper Japan for the Christmas festival 24th nov – 26th! I remember you liked the patch jacket and clothes, I’ll have some exclusive convention discounts on everything, if you’re interested 🙂

    -Frilly Pops


    1. You’re welcome, I love your things so much! I won’t be able to come to Hyper Japan though, since I was just visiting London for two weeks but thank you for your lovely offer 😊 I’m still thinking about that patch jacket, it’s so cute! Hope you’ll have a nice time at Hyper Japan!


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