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I love mesh and this particular one caught my eye so I had to have it. I wasn’t really sure how to wear this dress but I really wanted to have it. This is one outfit I tried out. It’s simple but still stands out. I paired a simple tank dress and black boots to accentuate the mesh dress. As for accessories, I wore my black choker and silver rings with black stones on them.

With this outfit, I also tried black lipstick for the first time. Although people were a bit sceptical and told me that black lips wouldn’t fit me, I still gave it a try. I felt comfortable with this colour and it makes a nice contrast to my current hair dye.


    • Mesh Dress: Zara
    • Tank Dress: Cotton:On
    • Boots: Dr. Martens 1460 MONO
    • Lipstick: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Rouge À Lèvres Comfort Matte – Perversion

3 thoughts on “Mesh

  1. Ooooooooo! I like the black lipstick. Have you thought of trying another color under the mesh dress or would that take down the classy level? I’ve seen lots of mesh items recently, but I’m a little nervous to give it a go myself.

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    1. Haven’t tried wearing a different colour underneath but maybe I’ll do it some time! You should definitely try mesh! You could try with socks first to accentuate your outfit and if you’re starting to feel comfortable with that, you can slowly take on other mesh clothing!

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