The Somnambulist

I have finally decided to start a personal blog to share my passion for all things made me to what I am today.

So who am I? I am an aspiring film editor born and raised in Vienna, who also has a love for fashion, gaming, movies and music. I am currently studying Media Technology in St. Pölten, aiming to become a film editor and to create stories through motion pictures.

What exactly will I post? A lot about fashion, gaming, film and music. Sometimes I’ll post random stuff or topics that I’m interested in. I’m pretty open to many things and also like to try out new stuff, so I’ll be writing about my experiences in life and the activities I do. I’m also happy if you would like to discuss my love for many things and would appreciate if you’d share your opinion in the comments section or through a personal message!

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and I thank you for your support!

You can check out my Instagram or subscribe to my mailing list to be up-to-date with my posts!

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